Below are links to media appearances, quotations, and blogs based on my research, listed by year.


The Guardian (Interview), quotations used ‘Half of Labour candidates in marginal seats are Westminster
insiders’ (17-06-2014)

BBC 1, The Daily Politics, March 2014, ‘Who or what are SpAds?’

Lord Ashcroft cites research, Conservative Home, March 2014, ‘The Conservatives don’t attract too few
women. They attract too few of everyone’


BBC Radio 4 (Interview), PM Programme, November 2013

Democratic Audit (article) The professionalisation of politics makes our democracy less representative and
less accessible (11-09-2013)

Total Politics Magazine (Interview), quotations used ‘From SpAd to Worse?’ (25-04-2013)

Bloomberg News (Interview), quotations used (08-03-2013)

Birkbeck Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life Blog (Article) Women on Top – Promotional Patterns in the House of Commons

Uni. of Nottingham Ballots and Bullets Blog (Article) The report on women’s political representation isn’t so ‘shocking’ if you understand political recruitment (with Philip Cowley)


Left Foot Forward (Article) Too many councillors leaving leaves councils too homogeneous (with Cllr. Tulip

LSE British Politics and Policy (Article) Career politicians are elected young, promoted quickly and dominate
the highest offices of state

Bloomberg News (Interview), quotations used (06-07-2012)

Bloomberg News (Interview), quotations used (19-07-2012) (Interview), quotations used (04-09-2012)


Westminster Radio (Interview) Equality in the Commons: 100 Years – too long to wait?

Left Foot Forward (Article) We need more female councillors for everyone’s benefit (with Cllr. Tulip Siddiq)