Below are details of my academic research. Where possible this includes a link to the article or output itself. My full CV is available here.



The Political Class: Why It Matters Who Our Politicians Are‘ (April 2018)

Published/forthcoming articles

“How do gender quotas affect support for women as political leaders?” (forthcoming) with David Cutts, West European Politics.

Transformative experiences in political life” (forthcoming), The Journal of Political Philosophy.

“Aspirant candidate behaviour and progressive political ambition” (2017) with David Cutts, Research & Politics.

What do we mean when we talk about the ‘political class’?” (2017) with Paul Cairney, Political Studies Review.

Exploring Sex Differences in Attitudes Towards the Descriptive and Substantive Representation of Women” (2016) with David Cutts, British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

Achieving Sex Equality in Executive Appointments” (2016), Party Politics.

Understanding legislator experiences of family-friendly working practices in political institutions” (2016) with David Cutts and Madelaine Winn, Politics & Gender.

“Measuring the quality of politicians elected via gender quotas – are they any different?” (2016), with David Cutts and Rosie Campbell, Political Studies.

Gendered candidate emergence: why don’t more women councillors become MPs?”(2013), Politics.

Linking the pre-parliamentary political experience and political careers of the 1997 General Election cohort” (2013) Parliamentary Affairs.

Last in, first out: gendered patterns of local councillor dropout’’ (2013), British Politics.

The gendered experience of women in local government” (2012), The Political Quarterly.

 Book chapters

“The Slippery Slope: Measuring Women’s Political Interests” (2014), with Rosie Campbell and Ana Espirito-Santo, Deeds and Words: A Festschrift for Joni Lovenduski, ECPR Press.


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